Much of our lives are now spent in buildings which have been designed to be better insulated and therefore reduce the exchange between stale and fresh air, so the air we breathe might contain a greater concentration of pollutants than when we are outdoors, added to that, generally more people are spending more of their time indoors.
See how carpet contributes to a safe and healthy indoor environment.

Fine Dust

Fine dust can provoke an allergic reaction and has been found to be much more common in houses with hard flooring than in those with carpet. When carpet is used, there are fewer dust particles in the air and those their are can easily be removed by thorough vacuuming and ensuring there is good ventilation. Carpets will prevent any dust or other particles becoming airborne and therefore improve the quality of any allergy sufferers.


Dust mites

House dust mites and their pellets have been held responsible for many years for causing certain allergies and asthma. Research has found that much of this is myth, and dust mites are often only one part of the cause of certain allergies. It has been found that to thrive, dust mites need a narrow temperature and humidity range and that by providing well ventilated areas which are cleaned properly, they will simply not survive.



An allergy is the over reaction of the immune system to some substances. Generally the belief is that it is caused by synthetic chemicals, however it is more usually due to natural substances, specifically proteins from pollen, food stuffs or bee stings and often the hair of cats, dogs and horses. In the EU roughly 1 in 4 people are affected by an allergy, and carpet is often blamed as the cause.

In fact, carpet can help to reduce the effects of Allergies and Asthma as they harbour significantly fewer dust mites than bedding and upholstery; comparative studies show that carpets in offices harbour significantly fewer dust mite allergens than in bedrooms; increased insulation in homes lowers air renewal and concentrates indoor allergens; carpets trap dust which can be removed by effective vacuuming.


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